Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today I Dyed My Fingers Purple...

Today I dyed my fingers purple... well, not the whole fingers, just a few spots. That's what happens when you use Alcohol Inks without gloves....

I got a set of Adirondack Alcohol Inks for Christmas and decided to break them out today and see how they work. What fun!!! It was hard to stop. So many findings to color, so little time...

And, of course, this is what my supervisor did while I worked...

Maybe tomorrow I'll see how many saw blades I can break...


  1. Your supervisor looks very hard at work.

  2. The findings came out beautiful, it must have been fun to do. Even though your supervisor was taking a catnap, I have to say that is one gorgeous supervisor! Himalayan or Ragdoll?

    1. He's a long-haired Siamese mix. Mr. Nicholas Alexander will be celebrating 1 year with us in April.

  3. Well, I'm glad to see your co-worker didn't end up with purple paws!

  4. I hear long haired Siamese make very good supervisors. At least he doesn't micromanage.

  5. Love your supervisor "squish"

    I just got my first alcohol inks to and they work great but do dye many things LOL

    Your findings look great!

  6. Lucky you! I love to get messy - makes me feel like I did something productive!

  7. HAHAHA So funny, I do the same thing every time I use inks! But they are so much fun its worth it to have funny colored skin for a little while! I always manage to get it on my face too lol Have fun with your new supplies! :) I got to go shopping today as Michaels had a huge sale on with lots of coupons too, I got $400 worth of new supplies for $217 too cool!!!!!