Friday, July 20, 2012

Is It Worth It?

      Recently, daniellexo from Etsy wrote a blog, How to Beat the Etsy Sale Addiction (and Make More Money!) . She talked about the high that you get from seeing that Sales number rise. Instead of valuing yourself and your work, you begin to set your value goals based on the number of sales you have. I agree, this is NOT the way to run a business. Read the whole article here.

     Danielle has some really helpful advice. The trick seems to be to believe in yourself and the value of your work. Make smart choices so that you work smarter, not harder. Keep a positive attitude and set business minded goals. Sure, that sales number is exciting (especially when you hit landmark sales), but you are running a business and you have to make sure that you are also profitable. Remember not to sell yourself short. This is not a yard sale, it's a business.

sign from missyscakesandaprons
      I am very lucky that my husband has a job that allows me to do what I love. I try to sell at prices that are fair to both me and my customer and am grateful that I do not have to survive on what I make! I am working hard to improve my work, my shop, and my business skills. I take classes, comment in forums, ask for critiques, and listen when people make suggestions. Sometimes I follow advice, sometimes I don't.... :-)

from ilanastangerross
 What are YOU doing to improve yourself and your shop?

xo ~ Mad