Sunday, February 5, 2012

Copper Jump Rings and Broken Saw Blades

What I Did On Superbowl Sunday
(Before the game of course.)

Today I used my jeweler's saw for the 1st time....
and (of course) I broke the saw blade. Ugh!

Perhaps the jump rings I made were too thick? (12 gauge)

Or, and this is more likely, I used too much pressure while sawing...

But... I did finish the jump rings...

I cut them by hand with wire cutters. 
Big ones I stole, I mean borrowed, from my husband's tool box... 
shhh! Don't tell!

By the time I finished, this is what my workbench --read: kitchen counter-- looked like:

Note the "high-tech" nail file I use for filing the edges smooth.

Next time, I'll try the saw on smaller gauge wire. It's a good thing that the saw came with several blades!

Do you have any good stories about the 1st time you used a new tool?

xoxo Mad


  1. The first time I used my dremmel tool, I was a little scared of the sparks flying back at me. Mostly because I didn't have gloves or glasses. >.> Took care of that later on.

    Also the first and only time I've worked with Burlap, I did so in bed... Made a puppet thingy. Itchy, best describes the experience.

    1. Power tools... ooooh! fun! I will be using them sometime soon I', sure. :-)

  2. It all looks hi tech to me!
    Me and double pointed needles don't get on so I don't like to knit in the round. It took me all day to knit a flip top mitten and then it was too big. Still haven't done the matching hand!

  3. Oh Mad, what a day! I make cards on the side, mainly using stamps. I bought a new stamp pad and spent an hour diligently stamping some large format stamps. Come to find out after half a dozen cards that the ink won't dry on the card stock. Such a waste!

  4. What a day you had!!!! Im glad you got them done though and they look great! Did you see the halftime show? It was amazing!!!!

    1. I did! Madonna as "safe" - who'd have thunk it?

  5. Mad, I am so glad it's not just me that has similar experiences with a jeweller's saw!

    And those jump rings look beautiful:)

  6. Hehehe...I can't wait to see your next experience with it !
    It's really interresting, because I've no idea how to use this sort of tool, so you test it for several of us.

    Tools are somethings facetious, the first time I used my drill, I've forget to set the bit and didn't knew why oh why there was no hole ;0)

  7. Oh can I relate to your 'work area'! It's just wherever there's room! As far as tools....I'm pretty good now, but when I was somewhere under 10, I got hold of a staple gun and thought it would look cool to have staples in my pants, so I just put that baby right up against my pants on my thigh and gave it a squeeze! Yoweeee! I had NO idea that these were NOT like regular staples!

    1. Ouch! I take it you no longer use power tools?

  8. Great post! That is something I need to learn how, thanks so much for sharing!

  9. what fun! i have a bad habit of not using the right tool for the job (out of laziness & messiness). Tried hammering a nail with a screwdriver handle yesterday (doh) & broke the handle off