Saturday, March 31, 2012


By theangryrobot on Etsy

Yesterday I discovered that Etsy has chosen to limit the number of times that you can comment on treasuries to 100 comments per day! Now I don't mean 100 comments on a single treasury... Unfortunately the 100 comments count for ALL treasuries within a day, not just for a single treasury. If you make 1 comment on 100 treasuries or 100 comments on 1 treasury... same effect. You are cut off for the day!?

The effect of this censorship was to complain in a forum on Etsy. Read all the forum comments here

By TheBusyBadger on Etsy.

Please understand that Etsy DID NOT announce this change before implementing it thereby causing the Buy and Replace "street markets" to be effectively stopped since these are used to chat and engage in conversations with other BNR participants which leads to networking and exposure that you might not otherwise get and also to friendships that you make with other Etsians all over the world. 

What do YOU think about the new rule?

xo ~Mad

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Squirrel Creek Creations: Feature of the Day #10: Mad Scientists Designs

Check out this great feature of me by Squirrel Creek Creations!

Squirrel Creek Creations: Feature of the Day #10: Mad Scientists Designs: Greetings! Let's all give an evil laugh for today's feature of the day: Mad Scientists Designs; artist, craft...

Have a fabulous day!

xo ~ Mad

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Going Hollywood!

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope everyone is having a great week.

This week I discovered a great video editing site: I am so excited that I'll be able to make featurettes of my work and my passion, animal rescue.

My 1st shop promo is for my Steampunk Christmas ornaments:

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

My 2nd video features an adorable little guy looking for his forever home. Meet Junior:

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.

What do you think??
xo ~ Mad

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meet Alura of MoonspellCrafts

Alura runs a shop filled with eclectic items ranging from antique books to handmade tags and soaps.

 Please tell us a bit about yourself and your shop.
I am an antiques dealer and paper artist. I love making hang tags and cards using antique images, lace and other antique things. I also combine modern day items to create Old world looking shabby things.
My shop is very eclectic, with antiques, paper items, primitive items that I make as well as bath products that I make. It's like one of the odd shops you'd find in a place like Diagon Alley....

When did you first realize how much you love antiques and vintage items?
I've loved antiques since I was little. My grandmother had tons of Victorian furniture and antiques in her apartment...I had to inspect everything. To me antiques carry the energy of their previous owners. Not to mention that when these items were made, they were made to last. Not like stuff from China that falls apart after a year or 2...

What inspired you to open your shop?
I joined Etsy in 2010 and my shop just sat with 4 or 5 things for sale and then one day I said "I need to work this Etsy thing" I did. 5 teams, 880 sales and one year later, here I am! 

You are in the process of opening a brick-and-morter shop, how is that going?
Slowly, mostly because my landlord needs to take some old stuff from the previous tenant out and he's been slow!!! As soon as the stuff is out, I paint the place and will only take a day to ready everything. So I just waiting...
The shop will be called "La Papeterie" and I'll be selling my paper arts, tissue paper, scrapbook paper, feather pens (by whiperingworld), antique books, lovely cuffs (by scarletrabbit) and some other gift type items. Mostly books though...oh and coffee, which is a new hobby I picked up this week! I have been wanting to roast coffee for ages and now I will!

Where, who, or what does your influence come from?
My influence comes from many hubby, my friends, antiques!!

What inspires you to be creative?
My hubby is the main source of my inspiration in many things! He's alittle intense and it drives me to keep his world alive with passion. That passion allows me the ability to make many things from cooking gourmet meals to writing poetry. Life is too short to sit idly by!

What is your favorite color to work with? What is it about that color that draws you?
I work alot with black, red and purple-mostly on my primitives. I used alot of the "French shabby chic" styles, pinks and blues. I make it for that a French apartment from the late 1800's...
However my fave colors are red, black and purple....To me most other colors are impractical. LOL

You are the captain of several Etsy teams, what inspired you to start your own teams?
Well, a few things. Not finding active and fun teams was a problem. There are like 6,000 teams on etsy and most have no participation...nothing going on and nothing fun. Although 2 of my teams are small and quiet, the other 3 are large and full of fun stuff to do. We have contests, discussions, book clubs, bnr's, and otehr's a team and therefore, it should be something fun to do with a group of people!

Who are your favorite shops to browse on Etsy?
I am always looking at team member shops, daily and faving their stuff. I also check the French antique sellers regularly-they get some neat stuff!!!

I must admit that CalliopesAttic is probably the shop I buy most from. The supplies are great! AlteredEras I also visit often as I'm addicted to her bracelets...there are so many amazing people though that make unique things. For instance MadScientistDesigns makes jewelry from vacuum tubes, and Scarletrabbit crochets the most delicate cuffs and chokers...

I could really go on and on...there are too many to name!!

What other shop owner would you like to learn more about?
I'd love to know more about lapomme...she seems very mysterious

Where else, other than Etsy, can you be found on the net?
On eBay under carfax-antiques.

Do you have any coupon codes that you would like to share with our readers?
Sure!! Use the word INTERVIEW for 20% off!

xo ~ Mad