About Me

Girl meets boy, girl becomes amateur radio operator... Wait, what? Yep, that's me, Elizabeth Hildreth. Shortly after my husband became interested in amateur radio and got his license, he encouraged me to follow suit. So I did. I was fascinated by the equipment and the little glowing vacuum tubes, beautiful little self-contained works of art. Unfortunately once they cannot create enough power to run the radios and amplifiers, these little beauties were thrown away... Could I find a way to recycle or reuse them?

I created MadScientistsDesigns as a way to share my love for these beautiful little vacuum tubes. What could they become once their services were no longer needed? What about earrings or necklaces, barrettes, rings or Christmas ornaments? Robots? Vacuum tube animals? The possibilities were endless! As I learned about jewelry design, I began exploring other jewelry styles: Steampunk with its gears and Victorian sensibilities, Gothic with its dark colors and classic blacks and reds, the ancient wire weaving technique of Viking knit, etching, metalwork, and so many more... I increased MadScientistsDesigns' inventory to include all of these styles and more.

My Humanities background and history interests have played a huge part in influencing my jewelry style. My little vacuum tube adventure continues to grow and in 2012, The Artisan Group invited me to join as one of their jewelry artisans. 

Join me on my journey and become the proud owner of one of my creations.