Saturday, August 13, 2011

Time Travelers: Now Don't Go Losing Your Head! ;)

Today I'm re-blogging from one of my teams: Time Travelers Team.

oursj searched far and wide (through TTT shops) and founds some truly interesting and unique skull items (including some of MY earrings! hahaha). With Halloween just around the corner, Etsy seems to be gearing up for a fabulously fun holiday season this year! Enjoy!

Time Travelers: Now Don't Go Losing Your Head! ;): "Browsing through our Time Travelers Team Members shops, I found a lot of curious and unique items featuring skulls. Why not share I thought..."


  1. Cool!!!! I love Halloween and am definitely looking forward to it! I have lots of Halloween stuff all ready to go as well! Fun post! :)

  2. Some cool gear there! Can't believe we'll be coming up on halloween soon - what happened to the summer?

  3. Thanks so much for reposting! Your such an awesome Etsy friend!

    ~ Jen