Friday, August 5, 2011

ACEO Swap on the Time Travelers Team - Etsy

Last week the TimeTravelersTeam on Etsy conducted an ACEO Swap. Ten people participated, some were experienced and for some (like me) it was totally new. I received my 3rd (and final) card in the mail today and happily report that they are all AWESOME!! Even the one made by someone who had never made one before! You can see more fabulous items by these talented artists by clicking on their names. Enjoy!!  :-)

I received this gorgeous, colorful Tiger from ArtSnark.

I received this a fabulously spooky Black Widow Spider from BlackFridayStudios.

I received this spectacular Steampunk Fly from Lilibellesjewels.


  1. This swap has been a whole lot of fun! I think that everyone might be right about these little beauties being addictive.

  2. Love them but sorry Black I hate spiders. I've got a real phobia. Those and snakes. The rest of creation is fine by me but come to think about it I'm not keen on rats. The ACEOs are terrific!!

  3. They are amazing, it's great to get these little mini works of art.

  4. Those are awesome!!! Sounds like loads of fun! Maybe all of us ACEO addicts should get together and do an ACEO swap on The Etsian Artists Team!!!!!!

  5. What a fun thing to do!! These are great. What are you going to do with the ones you received?