Friday, August 26, 2011

Play time!

Well, I've been sort of on hiatus because I managed to misplace my camera battery..... finally gave in and ordered a new one and it JUST CAME!!!! Woo Hoo! Back in business!

So...... while I waited for a decent picture, I decided to take another look at my favorite tutorial site: Jewelry Lessons and some of my jewelry magazines. So many techniques, so little time..... sigh. Needless to say, inspiration overload occurred and I started trying new techniques! Here are a few of the new techniques I learned (or worked on):

Herringbone Weave:

Netted Bezel:

Wire Wrapping:

Knotted Headpins:

I love learning new techniques! If you ever see anything that you want me to try, just let me know.  :-)


  1. lovely - great work :) & SO worth the effort - congrats!!

  2. It keeps me fresh learning new techniques and they look great. Try copper etching next you'll love it.

  3. That first one is extra spectacular. Love!

  4. You've been very productive on your hiatus. These are great!

  5. Lovely! Just wish I could produce work like this - my fingers always get in the way........

  6. Fabulous work Mad. I can't pick a favorite. They're all amazing!