Friday, August 12, 2011

Mad Facts and Versatile Blogger Nominations

Recently Baban Cat nominated me, along with 6 others, for a Versatile Blogger Award. How exciting! Only one catch: I must reveal 7 "interesting" facts about myself and nominate 7 other bloggers for the award. Hmmmm....

Shoot! Now I have to think of 7 things about ME that others might find interesting.....

1. I have 10 rescued and/or adopted cats.
 2. I am allergic to cats! (hahahahaha great cosmic joke that one!)
3. I have been working with wire since February 2011 (that's right, I only started this year).
 4. I have climbed pyramids and visited ruins in Mexico.
5. I was once blessed by the Pope (I was in the audience for one of the Sunday hang-out-the-window blessings).
6. I have been to the top of the Statue of Liberty in New York City.
7. I am a self-taught artist in that I have no "formal" art or jewelry making training...

Whew! That was hard!! Aaack!! Now on to something even HARDER!!!!!

My Versatile Blogger Award picks...

Fanfare please.....

Disclaimer: Please note that these choices are in no particular order of preference.....

1. Market My Shop by TangledMetal
2. At Home in the Home Counties with ArtySandp by ArtySandp
3. Etsian Artists by oddballartco
4. brienna pruce by Brienna
5. The Fabulous Animal Rescue Project by FARP
6. Art and Sew Forth by the owner of The Verification Cat
7. Merriweather Technology for the Discerning Adventurer by agentofchaos

Check them out! Hope you enjoy them! :-)


  1. I'm allergic to cats too! Can't wait to check out these blogs.

  2. Maybe if I become allergic to cats I can have 10, too!
    Cool facts about you! And thanks so much for the pick!

  3. Great facts about you what an exciting life you are leading!!!!! Thanks for the nomination,that is the second one this month, lol I will have to set aside some time soon.

  4. Wow--bless your heart for taking in so many furry kitties and being allergic to them. I had to giggle when I read that.

  5. Love the seven facts obviously a well travelled, cat loving, quick learning artist!

    Thanks for the include - seven interesting facts about me? I'll have to put my thinking cap on!

  6. Nice to learn more about you, thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Random facts make life more interesting :)

  8. Congratulations from a fellow nominee! Great blog and, snap: I only started up my shop this year as well.

  9. Cool facts, it's great you have never let an allergy to keep you from saving kitties lives.