Thursday, February 5, 2015

Time For a Different Perspective... Or How MadScientistsDesigns Came To Be

Found on Birdcam Italia

Sometimes you just have to stand back and look at things a new way. As an amateur radio operator I always wondered if there was a way to re-purpose the old, used, non-working vacuum tubes.... Vacuum tubes are delicate, intricate, little works of glass art used to power radios and other equipment...
MadScientistsDesigns: vintage vacuum tubes
 Out of this a business was born: MadScientistsDesigns. Over the years I have created different jewelry and Christmas ornaments with these little beauties:
MadScientistsDesigns: vacuum tube Christmas ornament
MadScientistsDesigns: vacuum tube ornament Victorian silver
MadScientistsDesigns: My Lady in Chains
MadScientistsDesigns: Steampunk vacuum tube cufflinks
MadScientistsDesigns: Steampunk Tesla Vacuum Tube Necklace
MadScientistsDesigns: Butterfly Art
MadScientistsDesigns: Steampunk Vacuum Tube & Filigree Barrette
MadScientistsDesigns: Steampunk Vacuum Tube Earrings - Copper Drops
 I continue to create with vintage vacuum tubes, but I have also learned new jewelry styles and techniques. You can see more vacuum tube jewelry and my other creations here.

What can you breathe new life into?
xoxo ~Elizabeth


  1. What beauties! and what a fun blog!

  2. GREAT POST! And that owl really gets some attention, along w your work!

  3. Great story and photos, Elizabeth!!

  4. Making new things out of old things is a wonderful talent. You do it so well, Mad!

  5. Repurposing is the new thing MAD! Love giving a new life to things from the past...lovely! :)

  6. Wow! Those are fabulous! Your creativity is impressive!

  7. I want to be a "Mad Scientist!" Every piece screams "creativity and originality!" Well done. (I'm jealous. What a wonderful idea.) I enjoyed this visit very much. Keep up the wonderful work.

  8. Just all day wow Elizabeth!!!! I love the very sight of these old tubes! Oh yeah you are giving them new life and that is fantastic. I can't wait to see more!!!

  9. Just gorgeous!!! You are so creative!!

  10. Great post Elizabeth... I love your work!