Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hobbyist - Jewelry Maker - Jewelry Designer - Which one am I?

From Marica Zammit on Facebook

Hobbyist - Jewelry Maker - Jewelry Designer - Which one am I? At the moment I feel like I am a hybrid of hobbyist and jewelry designer, but I am steadily working toward being a more focused designer. These definitions from Brenda Sue Lansdowne explain the differences:

"A hobbyist is someone who enjoys making jewelry for their own use, to share with friends and relatives as gifts, and maybe sell a bit on the side.   They are more interested with exploring their abilities, trying out all the new trends and taking lots of classes.   Because they are a hobbyist and not counting on sales to support their work, they do have the freedom NOT to focus, but to roam and constantly experiment." - Brenda Sue Lansdowne of
Hobbyists can be experienced or novices. They simply make jewelry for the sheer love of doing it. This is where I have spent the main portion of my time. I love experimenting and learning new things, but I don't rely on the income that my jewelry brings in except to purchase supplies, learn new techniques, and to help my shop remain self sustaining.

Jewelry Maker
"A jewelry maker is BUSY, busy making jewelry all the time.   The jewelry maker is a seller  and does need the income generated from the sale of their work to support it.   They may sell online and they also may do many shows.   They may have a loose line but for the most part are working in a number of different styles and may not really have found their artistic focus.  They may work the same way, same gimmick, same sort of thing for a number of years wondering finally why their sales all of a sudden fell off.  This jewelry maker has not kept up with trends or new ideas.   Or you have the jewelry maker whose work looks like it is made by a number of different people not taking price, color, trend, fashion.....ANYTHING....into account.  They are busy doing what their heart tells them to do, selling some, having success here and there." - Brenda Sue Lansdowne of
 I have to admit that I really do not fall far into this category because I don't produce tons of jewelry or sell at shows. I am not much of a trend follower and I tend to work in colors that speak to me instead of what is currently in fashion...Also, I have to admit that I do tend to be somewhat unfocused in my artistic view.

And that leads us to the final category:

Jewelry Designer
"A JEWELRY DESIGNER has stepped up from jewelry maker to the big AHA! moment when they realize, HEY!  This isn't all about what I want to do, but what I have studied as to trend and good design, and the pyramid system of selling.    They haven't given up their love of creating one of a kind jewelry, but they realize that one of a kind jewelry is NOT a line.   They understand that there needs to be those showstoppers to get attention, and good, bold statement pieces to play to fashionable buyers who want a strong piece.    They also 'get' that their bread and butter will come from the 15-50 lower tier of the pyramid, and much attention must be paid to this section of their brand if they are to pay the bills and have longevity as a designer.   A good pyramid has good design as its basis.   Colors that look good on people as well as current color trends are carefully considered. There is a lot of planning and the jewelry designer knows the need to be practical where the majority of the line is considered." - Brenda Sue Lansdowne of
  Lately I have been much more focused on making cohesive collections. I also began researching successful jewelry designers such as Coco Chanel and how they built their lines and their brands. My main focus moving forward is on making cohesive lines of jewelry (even if they are vastly different from one another).

pricing design pyramid - branding - pricing
The pyramid brand and business model in the luxury market from e-University

Sneak Peek
I have some exciting upcoming lines for you! Here is a sneak peek:
Going To The Bazaar - Middle Eastern Inspired Jewelry
 This line is the one I am working on for the Build A Line Challenge from B'sue Boutiques. I will have a new post on this for you on Friday, February 20th during the next blog hop. Make sure to join us to see what all of the participants have been up to in addition to sneak peeks of their new lines.
The Tesla Collection - Steampunk Inspired Jewelry

Dragonflies - dragonfly themed jewelry
Writer's Block - Vintage Pen Nib Jewelry
steampunk vacuum tube jewelry jewellry science geek history
Vintage Vacuum Tube Jewelry
 Stop in to see what is currently available. I'll be expanding all of these lines this year ( and adding more, I'm sure hahaha!). Make sure to follow my blog for more updates. See you soon! 

I'd love to hear from you! Are you a hobbyist, a jewelry maker, a jewelry designer, or just a jewelry enthusiast? Inquiring minds want to know! xoxo  ~Elizabeth