Friday, February 20, 2015

Build a Line Challenge from B'Sue Boutiques, Elizabeth Hildreth of MadScientistsDesigns, Part Two

morocan style  tribal jewelry middle eastern
Going To The Bazaar in ruby red

Welcome to Part Two of the Build A Line Challenge blog hop sponsored by B'sue Boutiques. Over at the class we've been discussing so many parts of building a line. Here are my thoughts on a few of them:

Pyramid Pricing

Pyramid Brand and business model in the luxury industry from e-university

We've been discussing how having multiple price points increases sales and allows people to "start small" when collecting your jewelry. Many of the top design houses use this strategy in their pricing which takes them from the runway to the department store.  

The majority of your business comes from the lower section of the pyramid at $15-$50. Then you move into the "over-the-top" pieces which are more elaborate at about $50-$120. The top of the pyramid is your custom, one-of-a-kind, (often commissioned) jewelry at $120+. Most of my designs fall into the the lowest section and I'll be expanding into the middle and upper sections later this year. (Wait til you see what I have planned!) ;-)

Cohesive collections

I'm really happy with how well my vision for this collection is coming along. I have several pieces in the works and also several finished pieces for you to see. I also started a Pinterest board to showcase my new collection, some inspirational pictures, and also the clothing that it might go well with. Check it out here.

New Additions

During the last blog hop, I asked you what colors you'd like to see in the Going To The Bazaar Collection. One of them was purple.
tribal morocan style jewelry middle eastern
Going To The Bazaar earrings in lilac purple
tribal morocan style jewelry middle eastern
Going To The Bazaar earrings in topaz
tribal morocan style jewelry middle eastern
Going To The Bazaar earrings in ruby red
tribal morocan style jewelry middle eastern
Going To The Bazaar necklace in ruby red
tribal morocan style jewelry middle eastern
Going To The Bazaar hand bracelet in ruby red

I think the collection is coming together nicely. What do you think?

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Now, hop on over to the next blog! Don't forget to join us for the final hop where everyone reveals their entire collections on March 20th!

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  1. Looking beautiful! I especially like the ruby red.

  2. I agree! Coming along quite nicely! Love the colors in your variety too - AND variety of colors!!

  3. Yep I agree. It's coming along beautifully. Very cohesive and distinctively you. Perfect!

    Bravo Elizabeth!

    Marica Zammit
    Bead Lovelies

  4. These all fit your line so well!

  5. Elizabeth, these are stunning. I would be proud to wear any of it!


  6. Very cohesive and lovely jewelry. I especially love the earrings! ~Ingrid

  7. Love your blog and your jewelry designs are gorgeous!

  8. I love the look, and yes, it's really coming together in a very cohesive way.

  9. Yes, yes, yes! It is coming together, flowing nicely and looking spectacular! Great work!!!

  10. You have a fabulous
    it is very cohesive and I can picture lots of people wearing it. Love your style and you colors share quite a few of your pictures

  11. Gorgeously exotic and yet very wearable pieces. They definitely have the look of being made by the same person. I love the rich colors you've chosen so far.

  12. I love the colors so much. I still think a Cobalt blue would be stunning as well. Your designs are spectacular. Very inventive use of the components.

  13. I really like how you are using these components. adding just daubs of color really make them pop. good show!

  14. I'm loving the way your line is coming together! Your use of color in each set makes them pop, especially the way you color the metal. Nice work!

  15. Really nice line you've got going, Elizabeth ... elegant and classy! Love that you've kept the colors mostly natural.

  16. Really pretty and I love how you have the variety of types of pieces! Will you have different colors too--purples, turquoises, oranges, etc.? Really like the unusual hand jewelry. :)

  17. Great info you've shared here Elizabeth. Thanks so much. Your line is coming along beautifully. Anxious to see your finished line.

  18. Love your short and sweet blog post, excellent photos, and your line is FABULOUS. You nailed it, Elizabeth!

  19. I just love your collection and it great beauty. I love the stampings your using for your line, I'll have one pair of earrings made with it too, it's such an elegant stamping.XOXO!

  20. Elizabeth .. wow very beautiful jewelry pieces .. I love the components you selected .. simply beautiful .. looking forward to seeing more of your pieces on March 20th

  21. Exotic and very wearable. This is an excellent line. Well done!

  22. Very nice. The red is my favorite also.

  23. Great line design. Really unique. love the earrings.

  24. Elizabeth, your line is just wonderful and very cohesive. Love the colors so far, and can't wait to see the rest of the your line.

  25. Looking forward to seeing your finishe line

  26. Perfect coloring matched with your vintage brass. Beautiful stuff, this will work with so many styles it has a really wide appeal. Well done!

  27. Lovely & beautiful! Very appealing pieces and just my style! I love your work Elizabeth! I cannot wait to see all of your work. I wish you the best and a most successful venture~

  28. You are SUCH a talented artist, my friend. Just adore your work!!

  29. These are sooo pretty! Lovely designs, very cohesive! Great Job!!! Have a Blessed Day!

  30. VERY NICE, hot colors and love the illustration of the pyramid, I didn't have one, but just going by things read over and over again through the years and what happened to me when I made jewelry for a living before I had my supply business. There's an extra level in your illustration, but hey, people could take it that way too. The whole purpose behind this challenge was to get a cohesive line that would sell and NOT to ignore the bottom tier, which is far too often done among artists. We are NOT selling out to offer things for under 50.00. We are graciously considering that there are folks who would love to have a bit of handmade work from us but simply cannot afford more. Figuring out something clever and fun that we can offer them is gracious....and it is very, very smart.

  31. Great theme and rich vibrant colours to go with the brass- looking forward to seeing more of your line in the final hop ! Linzi

  32. Wow, love the rich colors of your pieces! Nice job, your line is gorgeous!

  33. Elizabeth--I agree, it is all coming together nicely. I'm glad you added the illustration of the pyramid. I'm looking forward to seeing all of your levels!

  34. Very pretty and coheesive. I love the filigree that you have chosen and pieces so far. Thanks for the Pyrmid illustration.

  35. I've really been enjoying watching your line come to life - it's beautiful!

  36. Your designs are lovely, i Think your clean design and Its versatility will make it successful! I can't wait to see the whole line tomorrow:)