Saturday, March 31, 2012


By theangryrobot on Etsy

Yesterday I discovered that Etsy has chosen to limit the number of times that you can comment on treasuries to 100 comments per day! Now I don't mean 100 comments on a single treasury... Unfortunately the 100 comments count for ALL treasuries within a day, not just for a single treasury. If you make 1 comment on 100 treasuries or 100 comments on 1 treasury... same effect. You are cut off for the day!?

The effect of this censorship was to complain in a forum on Etsy. Read all the forum comments here

By TheBusyBadger on Etsy.

Please understand that Etsy DID NOT announce this change before implementing it thereby causing the Buy and Replace "street markets" to be effectively stopped since these are used to chat and engage in conversations with other BNR participants which leads to networking and exposure that you might not otherwise get and also to friendships that you make with other Etsians all over the world. 

What do YOU think about the new rule?

xo ~Mad


  1. Mad, well said! But, honestly, I think you KNOW what I think of the new rule . . . and my rant does not belong on your lovely blog. Let me just say Kudos and don't you just love the treasury up there?

    1. I know! What's with the anti-fun committee?

      I love that T and wanted others to be able to see it. Don't know if it'll disappear if Etsy yanks it... I hope it stays though!

      It's the chatting that I'm annoyed about! How are you supposed to meet and interact with new people if you can't convo them and you can't talk to them at BNRs?? I've met so many people that I wouldn't otherwise have met and found sources for supplies that I probably wouldn't have known about at the BNRs.. :-(

  2. I think it is a pretty crappy (pardon my language) unannounced rule! Things like this seem more appropriate of a long ago generation and not of the younger gen that runs Etsy. Did they learn nothing from history?

  3. Lets see now. They want us to do "circles"...up to a certain we get our "favd""wares" exposed to more people so we will have more sales with which to share with the powers that be....hmmmm.....whats wrong with this picture??? And BNRs simply help people get to know other people and shops and buy something now and then...whats wrong with this picture????? And when someone does a treasury the featured items go without notice to the seller and just maybe get found on the feed that we are supposed to monitor 24/7????????????? Some of us have lives.

  4. I was not totally surprised that Etsy would do something like this, under the cloud of bots and too much spamming. No announcement, nothing in writing, just done~leaving the Etsy community confused and upset. I am more bothered about the way they did this, than why. You can still have a bnr, but with less chat. The chat affects the curator more than anyone else. Etsy wants us to purchase their advertising, plain and simple...however, Etsy does not want to spend money advertising outside of Etsy. When I mention to people I have a shop on Etsy, the reaction is...what is Etsy? The pipsqueeks at Etsy need to focus on bringing us some customers and outside exposure, instead of letting the shops owners pass the word grass roots fashion.
    Grrrr that along with frustration are my feelings at the moment.

  5. I think it's ______, bleep, ____.
    I agree with the suggestion that they should be concentrating on upping traffic through the site. Etsy is hardly known in the UK.

  6. Valentine, you are so right and I so agree with you.
    Wendy just made a good point, bnrs and the like cut into the "relisting" fees. Think about it.
    I stopped relisting the last time I paid my bill and am concentrating on making things for the upcoming show season.
    I think Wendy is on to something and the way this dictatorial ruling was arbitrarily handed down is bothersome.

  7. I'm feeling totally "*$_è-('&~ù" and and tons other birds names about that !!!

    Far that this un-commercial, un-professionnal, and un-friendly act, I'm wondering about the actual move of the minds.
    Megaupload was closed in january - and I don't speak here about the download of Superstar's music but about the untreacables or lost files int the shops - and now a sale plateform limit the chats betwenn sellers and buyers.

    It's a totally sad non-sense !