Monday, February 3, 2014

Make It Mondays - Etsy School Week 1

Today I'm starting a new program to help me whip my Etsy shop into shape: Etsy School - February.
The Etsy UK Blog has a nice explanation in their post,
Basically, I'll be doing an intensive 4 week shop overhaul. Think of it as Spring Cleaning...
Week #1 Focus: Introductions and Shop Critiques
Hi, my name is Elizabeth & I'm in Florida
I prefer to go by: Mad
I make: Jewelry and sell supplies
I love: beauty and nature
When I am creating, I love to listen to: the TV
I could live on this food for the rest of my life: cheese
A funny fact that you light not know about me: I'm shy
Waffles or pancakes? pancakes with bananas
I will be critiquing other shops and doing a self-critique of my shop. There are already some things that I plan to do to get started:
  1. I am deactivating listings for all of my older jewelry and going over the pieces. I may make changes to them, take them apart and make a new piece, or simply re-take pictures with my newer camera.
  2. I am re-vamping my banner (again). Yes, I know that the one I have is relatively new, but I think that I need to change it...
  3. I am re-writing my About Page on MadScientistsDesigns
Whew! That's a lot for Week #1! Want to join me?
If you want to critique your own shop:
Wish me luck and, as always, suggestions
and encouragement are welcome.
xoxo ~Mad/Elizabeth


  1. Boy, could I ever use some critique!!

  2. Mad, Thank you so much for the info and inspiration. What a boost! I am happy to join you, at my own speed of course. I'm doing my shop self-critique first to see where to focus. Good luck to you.

  3. oooh what a great idea. i tihknk i should do this too!!!

  4. Good Luck! I know you will do great!!!

  5. Good idea, just printed out that critique worksheet to do a little tweaking on my shop~ Thanks :-D

  6. Mad, I'm excited to read your updated about page--I just changed my banner after 2 1/2 years, scary stuff!

  7. Thank you everyone!. Quick update: I deactivated my older listings and am getting ready to re-do my shop banner. :-)