Friday, February 21, 2014

Freeform Fridays - Wolves at the Door

Three Wolf Moon Beer Wolves Fine Art Print
Three Wolf Moon Beer Wolves Fine Art Print by EtherealStudios
Wolves at the Door - a Brave
"Story Night Feature"
"Early in evening, in her cottage on the outskirts of a small spooky Southern town stepped in folklore, Rebecca heard the chilling crowing of ravens. Eventually she drifted into a thick and awful sleep. . .
a spirit appeared to warn her of the coming bad times. She told of wolves (bill collectors) threaten Rebecca because due to the new "regulations" she would not be able to earn a living being an artist. Rebecca awoke and rang up her friend Mary...who lived far far away. Mary told her how to obtain a magic feather to summon the protector who lived in the woods....through his therapeutic messages to her she was able to believe she could overcome the evil powers in her country and moved way up North"

A little Gothic inspiration for your Friday. Enjoy!
xoxo ~Elizabeth

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