Thursday, January 17, 2013

Challenge Update: Wire Wrapping

I've been learning some new wire wrapping techniques 
and I have some more to show you:

 Viking knit bezel 1963 Canadian penny - Front and Side View

Viking knit bezel 1963 Canadian penny - Back View

An update on the sealing of the shells: 
Latest test: Mod Podge Gloss

 Creamy rich-beige shell fragment sealed with Mod Podge

I like the Mod Podge Gloss clear acrylic sealer spray. It puts a nice shiny finish on the shell and really brings out the colors giving the shells a "just out of the surf" look.

I love the sea-tumbled shell fragments. They are similar to sea glass or sea pottery except that they are ... well... shells that have been tumbled smooth by the ocean. 

I also wrapped one tumbled shell that I did NOT seal...

 Unsealed shell

Which one do YOU like best?

xo ~ Mad  


  1. I like the way the wire looks on the back side of the penny. I like the crazy wire arrangement on the beige shell but I like the unsealed shell because it looks like candy. Really too hard to pick one! They are all lovely and I'm so impressed by the patience and skill it must take to do wire wrapping.

  2. Hello... i would prefer the unsealed version, because it is and it looks more naturel.

    love the viking knit brezel front!

    lots of greetings - maren

  3. I like them both! Which do you like better? Yes, I love the viking bezel too!

  4. I love how you wrapped the penny. I have some very old, heavy coins that I can picture that working well with. They all look great! :)

  5. I shall come off the fence and say I like the glossy one best. Gives it a bit of shine and smoothness. Both look good, though. Clever stuff with the coin!

  6. absolutely stunning! I love them all!

  7. I love the Viking knit bezel wrap so cool! I like both looks of the shells though equally! All really nice!

  8. That unsealed shell does look like candy, but I like both shells. That is cool wrapping around the penny. I like how the backside is different.

  9. I like them all and my fav is the viking knit canadian penny... beautiful work!

  10. Stumbled upon your blog and have just started a wire wrapping unit with my art students. What a fantastic find. Such beautiful work. I am especially in love with the wrapped penny. Any tips or tricks you could share before I try to take on such a project? I think it would be a wonderful project to do a "pen pal" exchange with another country(ies) to share coins for the project and learn about another culture....all the while making something beautiful. My personal email is if that is an easier form of communication. Thank you for any and all advice you could spare :) Skye

    1. Hello Skye, I'm sorry it took so long to answer you, but I just saw your comment. (It went into the needs approval folder.)

      My best suggestion is to watch some of the YouTube videos. They have some great instructions on different methods of wire wrapping objects. Thanks. :-)