Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Challenge for the New Year!

She Sells Sea Shells by the Seashore...

This year I've decided to really push the limits of my creativity and do monthly challenges all year!

Challenge #1: 30 days of wire wrapping

My daughter and I have been having fun finding sea shells at the beach. The only thing is, we aren't looking for the biggest, prettiest, most perfect shells we can find... No, we are looking for the most interesting shells that have a story. 

 The 1st shells I'm working on....

These shells include pieces of shell that have been tumbled smooth by the ocean, broken conch shells, pieces of shells in interesting swirled shapes, and fossil looking shells filled with holes...

I'll be experimenting with sealants for the shells to bring out their natural beauty. The 1st sealant I am trying is Glossy Accents. 

 Shells coated with Glossy Accents

I am using a small paint brush to coat the shells 
and I like the way they shine!

Finally, on to the challenge!! 
Here are the 1st 2 shells I've wire wrapped:

  First attempts at wire wrapping shells

At the end of the month, I'll be giving away 2 of my 
wire wrapping challenge projects so stay tuned!

What do you think? Can I make it?

xo ~ Mad 


  1. Madame Mad, you are all sorts of fabulous!

  2. I do so admire focussed people! You're actually doing something! I love the look of those shells!

  3. Of course you can! Looking good so far :)

  4. It is good to have a goal...just remember it is ok to deviate when the muse leads you toward the next stage.

  5. Great challenge, I love the look of the glossy shells and the wire wrapping looks awesome! Good luck!!!!

  6. Nice Mad...I have tons of shells me ideas lol

  7. very cool! Love the shells.

    In case you don't know anything with copper or brass in it will eventually tint the glossy accents (& the crackle + sepia of same brand)it touches green. I had a problem with this a year after I'd sold some pieces & contacted the company to confirm. Diamond glaze does the same too

  8. Great challenge and love the wrapped shells!!