Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pretty Packages All In A Row...

Yesterday, I (finally) took pictures of my packaging. I even started to add them to my listings. :-)

When going through my packaging, I realized that I have several tags and ribbons that do not match with my shop and packaging... hmmm... what's a girl to do? I've decided that I am going to start adding a few extras to packages going to other shop owners and with packages of supplies. That should work right? It's a win-win situation. I pass on something that I'm not likely to use (and is cluttering my work area - which doesn't need any help, but that's another story) to someone who hopefully CAN use it. Yay!

Here is how the photo shoot came out:

The beautiful butterfly note cards are from

The cute scalloped Thank You cards are from

How do you package your items for customers? 
Leave a comment and let us know.

xo ~ Mad


  1. These are pretty!Oh, so pretty!

  2. Very nice! I'm still trying to sort my packaging style out.

  3. Looks great Mad! Im trying to do the same thing..coordinate everything for shipping with my store logo

  4. Your packaging looks great Mad, very pretty and professional!!!