Friday, June 1, 2012

Multi Shop EXTRAVAGANZA Sale!!! Part 1


Welcome to the 1st Time Travelers Team EXTRAVAGANZA SALE!!  Use the Coupon Code EXTRAVAGANZA during checkout for surprise savings at one of 31 participating shops.

Check out the 1st 11 shops today-

A plethora of really cool stuff 
Merriweather Technology for the Discriminating Adventurer

Artisan Clay and Sugar 

Crocheted and knitted Steampunk, Goth, and Victorian Inspired Fashion and Hand-drawn Cards

Bohemian Gypsy Victorian Gothic Bags and Accesssories

Gothy and Geeky Accessories
Original Modern, Abstract Art and Illustrations

Alternative Clothing and Accessories
Lights in the Dark - Nerdy and Knitty in Minneapolis

Fun Jewelry, Cards, and Tags 
Unique Inspirations Jewelry

What is your favorite item from today's selection?

xo ~ Mad