Thursday, December 18, 2014

Build A Line Challenge

I am getting ready to participate in the BUILD A LINE Challenge from B'sue Boutiques. Click on the badge on the right to read more about it and follow our progress.

"This is how many of us work.....madly, quickly, ideas flowing faster than our fingers can move.  
And I'll be the first to admit:   this is MY workspace down in the Messy Workshop, where our first videos were made, and a space we'll be using again before too long.
We may work in chaos, but chaos will not work for us where our finished jewelry is concerned.  It is time to concentrate, think deep, and discover simple truths about what is IS people want, and how we as handmade jewelry artists can give it to them at prices they will pay. 
That's a real challenge.....and WHY the BUILD A LINE CHALLENGE was born!
Here is my first post on it, you may want to review it:
The Ultimate Challenge
This amazing opportunity will be a challenge that will last three months.  Those who participate will need to be fully committed."

This amazing 3 month course is FREE!!! 1st come, 1st served. I believe the maximum participation is 60, so join up quick!

I'll be revealing my design theme in early January. Make sure to sign up to Follow by Email to get the latest posts.

~ Elizabeth


  1. Thanks for shouting us out, Elizabeth! I hope that many will. Even if ones are not able to be a part, they may easily follow along and learn. I hope many will!