Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gothic Steampunk Ornaments

Introducing my Gothic Steampunk Ornaments Collection:


Decorate this year with gorgeous, handcrafted ornaments! Show your family and friends how much they mean to you by gifting them an ornament from The Gothic Steampunk Collection.

 Available in:
Classic Silver

Black Beauty

 I hand-wrap each vintage vacuum tube in 26 gauge colored copper wire in the Viking Knit weave. Each ornament is unique, but will be the same style and color to the ones you see pictured.

Midnight Blue

Antiqued Brass

Antiqued Copper

Vintage vacuum tube ornaments are perfect gifts for technology enthusiasts, men, women, Steampunk enthusiasts, Gothic enthusiasts, history buffs, people who appreciate unique gifts, and that person who has everything...

(My personal favorite)
Crazy About Copper
Buy 3 and get $5 off or 
BEST DEAL: buy 6 and get 1 ornament FREE!

Show people they are special. 
Give handmade gifts this season.

XO ~ Elizabeth


  1. A great collection of ornaments and very unique!

  2. So very cool! The original ornaments I have ever seen! <3

  3. Great ornaments! Think I'll leave the link to your shop for my family to find.