Monday, October 15, 2012

Show Time! Part 1: My Booth

  Vacuum tube ornament set "JOY" in silver

I participated in my 1st full-blown show this past Saturday, October 13th, at the 47th Annual Melbourne HAMFEST located in Melbourne Florida.
**A hamfest is a gathering of amateur radio enthusiasts were people buy and sell a variety of used and new radio parts, equipment, computers, odds and ends, and other things including jewelry and toys.**

There are tables inside the auditorium and set-ups outside in the parking lot known as a "tail-gate" area. I was in the tail-gate area (which is much less expensive than inside).

My tail-gate spot

It was a last minute decision (which I do NOT recommend... hahahahaha). Since it was an amateur radio show, I brought my vintage vacuum tubes to sell and a sampling of my jewelry and vacuum tube ornaments.

 My jewelry and ornament display

Success!! I sold enough to cover the tail-gate spot cost, tickets, and food with a little left over. Of course that was before I went shopping.... :-) 

But, more on that next time...

How did your 1st real show go? What did you learn? Inquiring minds want to know! (OK, maybe we're just nosy...)

xo ~ Mad


  1. Congratulations Mad!!!! Glad it was a success for you! I can't remember in particular what I learned my first show, I have now done hundreds of shows (more then I can count) and I feel like I still learn a little from each and every one!

  2. That must have been fun---and I wonder if most of the people there had ever seen jewelry from the vacuum tubes!

  3. Those ornaments are really pretty:)

  4. Awesome and many congrats! Love the tube ornaments!!!

  5. Congratulations! I do hope you did well and gave out loads of cards :)

  6. I think your creations are amazing!!! I Cannot wait to see em in person at our FEST event!
    What did I learn at my first show? : wind. That's right! I had completely set up my booth at home and thought that I had every thing figured out. But not thinking about the wind, I had things flopping all over the place, blowing over and blowing away ( and noticed a fellow vendor made a similiar mistake and wore a short flowy skirt - oh the view!)