Friday, April 27, 2012

Welcome to Viking Knit

What am I working on today - Viking knit!

Viking knit is one of my favorite ways to work with wire. Instead of buying expensive tools and tutorials, I learned how to do it by watching YouTube tutorials and I use the "budget" tools, i.e. a pencil...

I did invest in a wooden draw plate though. When you 1st have the raw chain, it is stiff  and does not bend easily. Once you've drawn it through the draw plate it becomes pliable.

Through trial and error I worked out how long I needed of the raw chain to get a certain length of finished chain. Once you reach the length you need, you begin pulling the chain through successively smaller holes in the draw plate (twice per hole) until you reach the outer dimension that you want

Approximately 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 inches of wire wrapped around a standard sized round pencil lengthened to this earring.
Check out my favorite YouTube tutorial by BlueKittyCreations.
 xo ~ Mad


  1. Very impressive technic !
    Thanks for showing it with us :0)

  2. How clever is that! I'm always fascinated by other people's work.