Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Are YOU Ready For The Holidays? Part IV: More Ornaments

OK, I admit it! I've been playing with ornaments again..... 

As the holidays approach, I get more and more inspiration to create new Steampunk vacuum tube ornaments. They are just so fun and unusual! This new batch includes spirals in silver and gold and some iridescent, sparkly ones... The perfect gift for that special someone... or even for yourself!

Steel Spirals with White Ribbon

Golden Brass Spirals with Gold Ribbon

 Iridescent Hologram with Red Ribbon

And Another Iridescent Hologram

Each ornament will be a one-of-a-kind unique piece because of the use of vintage vacuum tubes and wire-work. All wire work is done by me including the twisted jump rings I used to attach the ribbons.

These make the perfect cross-over gift, working for: men and women, Christmas, Yule, NeoVicotian style, Steampunk, Goth, geekery, techie, and so many more...

Happy holidays!

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  1. I love the fact you chose Mad Scientist as your name ;) You might like my blog: lol